AstraZeneca CEO buys $8m house in Sydney

AstraZeneca CEO buys $8m house in Sydney

Pascal Soriot, CEO of the international pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca has just acquired an imposing design home  in Mosman, Sydney, Australia for about $8 million.

The architect-designed house belonged to real estate investor Phil Arnold and his wife, who paid $ 3.95 million for it in 2005. It was offered in May of this year. Soriot has both French and Australian citizenship and moved to Australia in 1990. His children and grandchildren now live in Australia.

In March, he told the media that he supported the agreement to manufacture AstraZeneca in Australia because it wanted to help ensure the country’s strategic independence and well protect the population from the coronavirus.

"I mean, it's my place," he said at the time. "I wanted to make sure people were well covered here and were protected."

Soriot is an avid real estate buyer. In 2013, he bought a house on the outskirts of Sydney and paid $ 3.5 million for it. 

Pascal Soriot is now in Europe, but  his wife has already moved into the four-bedroom design house, complete with the usual local necessities like a basement, home theater and Gym.

The development and subsequent sale of your vaccine against Covid-19 has given AstraZeneca a net profit of approximately 1,500 million dollars (1,288 million euros) in the first quarter of 2021, which is 72% more than the figure obtained in the same period of the previous year.

The firm, which is based in Cambridge, in the United Kingdom, and is listed on the London Stock Exchange, was born from the merger of the Swedish companies Astra and the British Zeneca, although its main shareholders are American: BlackRock, Goldman Sachs and Bank of America, among others.

Soriot is credited with preventing Pfizer’s acquisition of AstraZenec in 2014. There was $ 117 billion in the game. The Soriots lived on the north coast for a long time.  In 2013, they bought a home in Lavender Bay, Australia for $ 3.5 million.  His salary is about  $ 27.5 million.

Pascal Soriot has three brothers and they are all doctors. He studied veterinary medicine in Paris, but then focused on business administration and the study of finance. He has been in the pharmaceutical industry for almost 30 years. He worked for Hoechst AG, Sanofi and Roche Pharma AG in France, Tokyo, America and Australia.