Bollywood star of Siddhartha movie enters short term monkhood in Bangkok

Bollywood star of Siddhartha movie enters short term monkhood in Bangkok

Bollywood actor Gagan Malik who played Prince Siddhartha of the Sri Lankan movie “Sri Siddartha Gauthama” entered monkhood at Wat That Thong with his monk name “Asoko” meaning the one who is free of sadness.

The well-known actor was ordained at the Buddhist temple on Thursday and he planned to stay in the monkhood for 15 days until Feb 24.

One of the Malik's best-known roles was as Prince Siddhartha in the movie Sri Siddhartha Gautama in 2013, which depicted the life of the Lord Buddha. The original Sinhala soundtrack of the movie was dubbed in several languages, including Thai, and won several awards, including the best actor and best movie at the UN Vesak Buddhist Film Festival in Hanoi in 2014. It was a box office hit movie in Sri Lanka as well as overseas countries including Australia.

"One of the most important moments of life is going to come tomorrow (Thursday). Becoming a monk for 15 days in Wat Thatthong (Royal Monastery) Bangkok," the Bollywood actor said in a Facebook post on Wednesday. "All other friends and fans can bless me."

He said in another post on Tuesday that he wanted to learn Dhamma and to promote the religion in India.

"Time to learn Dhamma - Time to understand Impermanence - Time to gain knowledge - Time to roll the wheel of Dhama in India" he wrote.

Malik is one of the popular actors in India. He has fans in many Asian countries, including Thailand.

In Thailand, every Thai man is expected to enter the monkhood for at least a few weeks during his life time. The monkhood allows them to create merits in this life for a good future life. It provides them with an opportunity to transfer their merits to their living parents and deceased relatives. It also gives them a chance to make a vow to the Buddha when seeking help in solving their personal or family problems.