NSW eases coronavirus restrictions further starting on 1 July

NSW eases coronavirus restrictions further starting on 1 July

With the new public health order starting on 1 July, the NSW Government has further eased restrictions to allow the community to be more active and get businesses back to work.

A raft of coronavirus-related restrictions will lift across NSW from today, including a limit on the number of patrons pubs, cafes and restaurants can hold as long as they remain seated and stick to one person per four square metres.

There is no limit on how many guests people can have at their wedding, but it depends on how many attendees the venue can hold while adhering to the four-square-metre rule – if there are more than 20 guests, there can be no dance floors.

Up to 10,000 people will be allowed to fill stadiums and cultural events, and community sport will resume for both adults and children.

However, places of public worship, funeral homes or crematoriums can have up to 50 attendees without the four-square-metre rule provided non-household contacts can maintain 1.5 metres of physical distance.

Cinemas, theme parks, brothels and theatres will reopen, and residents are welcome to travel throughout the state during the school holidays with 20 people allowed to stay in holiday homes.

No more than 20 people can gather outdoors in a public space.

Music festival and nightclubs will continue to remain closed in July, but it is anticipated restrictions will be eased further in August if community transmission remains low.

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