NSW reveals three-stage roadmap out of lockdown amid State records 787 new cases.

NSW reveals three-stage roadmap out of lockdown amid State records 787 new cases.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejilkian has unveiled a three-stage roadmap out of lockdown and has confirmed October 11 as the date lockdown restrictions will start easing in NSW. The announcement comes as NSW recorded 787 new local COVID-19 cases, with 12 more people dead.

NSW is expected to reach first stage out of lockdown , the 70 per cent double dose mark on October 11,  with 80 per cent double-dose vaccination milestone expected before the end of October.

"I can say quite confidently we envisage 11 October will be the day we will be able to adhere to that road map and I just say to everybody across the state, thank you so much for your patience," Ms Berejiklian said.

 "It is just this week and next week that we have to hang in there for. We are nearly, nearly there, and let's not give up at the last minute."

Ms Berejiklian expects the 2nd stage out of lockdown, 80 per cent mark to be reached around October 24.

At the 80 per cent rate, travel will resume through regional NSW and fully vaccinated people will be allowed to have 10 visitors at home.

Community sport will also resume. Restrictions will also be removed for fully vaccinated people attending weddings, funerals and hairdressers.

However unvaccinated will have to "wait a long time" to participate in the same activities allowed for double-dosed people. Unvaccinated people will only be allowed to attend places of worship.

The following changes will kick in for fully vaccinated residents from the Monday after the 80 per cent milestone is reached:

  • Residents will be able to travel anywhere freely in NSW
  • Up to 10 visitors will be allowed to a home
  • Community sport will reopen
  • All venues and businesses will operate at the one person per four square metre rule indoors and two square metre rule indoors
  • There will be no limit on guests at weddings and funerals for fully vaccinated people
  • Customer caps for personal services such as hairdressers will be removed
  • International travel will be able to be considered

A third stage has been set for December 1, when it is expected the state will have reached 90 per cent double-dose vaccination.

The following changes will also kick in on December 1:

  • Venues will move to the two square metre rule
  • Masks will not be required indoors at offices
  • Indoor pools and nightclubs can reopen

"We believe by 1 December we will be at that COVID normal state where, hopefully, we will be booking our international travel once the PM gives that green light, we will be able to go overseas as well.

"I don't want to it be the case that I will be able to go overseas before I can go to Perth. I hope Australia will open up together once we get to those double dose figures and we will be able to, as one nation, move freely within our own country as well as have the opportunity to go overseas." she said.

From December 1, further changes will be introduced including all venues moving to the two-square-metre rule, masks will not be required indoors at offices, indoor pools and nightclubs can reopen, and unvaccinated people will have greater freedoms.

The premier said "it will really be up to the businesses" if they choose to stop unvaccinated people entering their shops, restaurants and venues.

"I appreciate people have views."

Ms Berejiklian believes the NSW government is on solid legal footing with restrictions on unvaccinated people and the policing of vaccine passports.