Popular singer Sunil Perera passes away

Popular singer Sunil Perera passes away

The legendary Sunil Perera, leader of the famous Gypsies band has passed away this morning at the age of 68 from COVID-19.

Last month he was treated at a private hospital in Colombo and made a recovery from COVID-19. However, after a few weeks from complete recovery, he was admitted to the ICU of a private hospital  in Colombo yesterday night. Due to severe COVID pneumonia he passed away in the early this morning (6th of September ) due to COVID-19.

Sunil Perera and his brother Piyal have been part of the ‘Gypsies’, one of the biggest and most famous musical bands in the country, for the past three decades with multiple hit albums and sold-out concerts here and abroad. 

In 1969 as soon as he left school, Sunil joined the band The Gypsies created by his father, Anton Perera along with his brothers – Nihal, Lal, Nimal, Piyal and several others. 

Sunil was the main vocalist of the band along with his brother Piyal Perera. Their first hit ‘Linda Langa Sangamaya’ was released in 1972/1973 along with ‘Amma Amma Me Mata’. 

He was born on 14 September 1952 in a family with ten siblings. His father Anton Perera was also an ex-army person and later a musician who formed the original Gypsies band. His mother was Dorine Perera.

He completed his education at St. Sebastian’s College, Moratuwa till grade four and St. Peter’s College, Colombo. He was a member of the school band.

Sunil is married to Geetha Kulatunga and the couple has two sons – Sajith, Gayan; and two daughters – Rehana, and Manisha.

Sunil was the main vocalist of the band along with his brother Piyal Perera. Their first hit Linda Langa Sangamaya was released in 1972/1973 along with Amma Amma Me Mata. In mid 1970s, his other brothers left the band and got involved in business activities. In 1980, Gypsies released the first cassette with the song Kurumitto. Other tracks sung by Gypsies include, Kadapathakin, None Mage Sudu None (1977), Lunu Dehi (1987), Oye Ojaye (1989), Piti Kotapan None and Signore (1997).

Sunil's recent works such as I don't know Why addresses mere sociopolitical issues through humor. However, several of his songs have been banned by the state media due to criticizing the government. In 2017, he released the song Koththamalli. In 2019, he sung the song Diyawannawe Inna for the film Jaya Sri Amathithuma.