23rd June 6.15pm - Reading Cinema, Dandenong, Melbourne

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Sinhabahu is the Latest film directed by veteran Sri Lankan film director Dr. Somarthna Dissanayaka and currently Successfully screening in Sri Lanka. The film was released in Australia prior to the Sri Lankan release and todate it was the nost successful Sri Lankan film release in Australia, prior to the release in Sri Lanka

Suppa, the 16-year-old daughter of the king of Wanga, gets captured by a tribal leader, who identifies himself as “Lion”. They live in love in the forest and have two children.

Father Lion imposes strict rules on children, in order to protect them from the dangers of the forest.

The rebellious nature of the son Sinhabahu confronts the strict conditions of his father, and finally escapes to civilization, with his mother and the sister, in search of the royalty they inherit.

The Lion invades the villages, defeating the royal soldiers, and searching for his lost family. As the invaders are unstoppable, the king heralds rewards for killing the leader of the invaders.

Without knowing that it was his own father, Sinhabahu accepts the challenge, and the lion gets killed by him.  

Although Sinhabahu gets the deputy king position as the reward, he laments the unintentional patricide.