"The Tsunami" - Brisbane

On 15th August at 6.15pm - Reading Cinema, Jindalee

Screening has been postponed due to Brisbane Lockdown and new date TBA

More Information Contact 0430 222 075 or 1300 973 978


This is the 3rd screening in Brisbane following a Successful Brisbane Premire Screening and Toowoomba screenings



Two and half year old Tamil girl gets lost in the 2004 Tsunami. Later she gets adopted in a Sinhalese family after misidentifying her as their lost child. After 10years the Tamil family come across the news and claims her.

Court decides the Tamil family as the biological parents after a DNA test. The little girl is caught in between two worlds.

Ironically, Tamils and Sinhalese are two rival races in the country, who fight each other.

One daughter, two sets of parents from rival races.


Director’s bio

Somarathna Dissanayaka  obtained the first degree in medical radiology from London University, and later professionalized his hidden talents by obtaining a master’s degree in film directing from Sydney University.

Later he has given up the citizenship and the highly lucrative medical profession in Australia and returned to motherland Sri Lanka in view of making films.

All of his films are successful both commercially as well as artistically. While holding the box office record in the history of Sri Lankan cinema, he is also the winner of “the most number of international awards for cinema” in the country.


International awards for the film “Tsunami”

Druk international film festival 2020

                        Best film -  (Producer -  Renuka Balasooriya)

                        Best director –  (Dr. Somaratne Dissanayake)

                        Best actress – (Niranjani Shammugaraja)

                        Best cinematographer – (Vishwa Balasooriya)

Moonwhite international film festival 2020

                        Best director – (Dr. Somaratne Dissanayake)


Picasso Einstein Buddha international film festival 2020

                        Best film – (Producer – 9Renuka Balasooriya)

London rainbow international film festival 2020

                        Special award of the jury for directing – (Dr. Somaratne Dissanayake)

Bayesla International film festival 2021

                        Best film (Nominated)

                        Best director – Somaratne Dissanayake (Nominated)

                        Best actress – Niranjini Shanmugaraja (Nominated)

                        Best child performance – Menara Weerathunga (Nominated)

                        Best supporting actress – Himali Sayurangi (Nominated)

                        ( Final round has been paused due to pandemic)








Director, screenwriter, lyricist


Punchi Suranganavi

Director, screenwriter


Sooriya Arana

Director, screenwriter, lyricist


Samanala Thatu

Director, screenwriter, lyricist


Siri Raja Siri

Director, screenwriter



Director, screenwriter, lyricist


Siri Parakum

Director, screenwriter, lyricist



Director, lyricist



Director, screenwriter


Underpants Thief

Director, screenwriter