Victoria lockdown will lift from midnight but some restrictions will remain.

Victoria lockdown will lift from midnight but some restrictions will remain.

Victoria’s five-day lockdown will end at midnight tonight, the state’s premier Daniel Andrews has announced. The five-kilometre movement limit and four reasons for leaving the home will be revoked, but some restrictions on public and private gatherings will remain

The easing of restrictions – which takes effect from 11.59pm on Wednesday – will mean residents can leave their home for any reason, and the 5km travel limit will not apply. However Masks will still be required indoors, except for in a home. They will also be required for outdoor settings where physical distancing cannot be maintained.

“I am very pleased to announce... restrictions will come off at midnight tonight,” he said.

“I am very proud of every Victorian for the sacrifice they have made and all the people working on delivering this outcome.”

Some restrictions will remain including Gathering limits, with no more than five visitors to a home each day, and public outdoor gatherings limited to 20 people.

Restaurants, retail businesses, community facilities, entertainment venues and schools can reopen, and public and private sector offices can return to 50% capacity.

The Australian Open will return to approximately 50 per cent capacity from Thursday, with nearly 7,500 people allowed into Melbourne Park per session going forward.

Patrons will only be able to buy tickets for centre court, and there will be no more restricting people to “zones” across Melbourne Park.

There will be no caps on funeral and wedding attendances but these functions will have to adhere to their venues’ density limits. Churches, mosques and synagogues will also have to observe these rules.

Detail information about change of restrictions as follows