Victorian Premier announces further easing of COVID-19 restrictions

Victorian Premier  announces further easing of COVID-19 restrictions

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has released a statement and announced the series of changes this morning ( Sunday).  Here's the details of the restrictions are lifting

From Monday June 1st

  • You will be able to have a total of 20 people in your home For a family of five, that means 15 visitors. Outdoor gatherings can also increase to 20.
  • Overnight stays can resume at private residences, as well as overnight stays in accommodation. This will apply to campgrounds and caravan parks, but not those with communal facilities like kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Up to 20 people will be allowed at weddings – plus the celebrant and couple – and up to 50 people allowed at a funeral, in addition to those required to conduct the ceremony.  Up to 20 will be allowed at other religious ceremonies, in addition to those required to perform the service.
  • Libraries, youth centres and other community facilities will be able to open with no more than 20 people in a single area, plus those needed to operate the space. Men’s sheds and arts and crafts classes can resume.
  • Entertainment and cultural venues like galleries, museums, drive-in cinemas and historic sites will be able to open their doors, alongside zoos and outdoor amusement parks. Physical distancing and a limit of up to 20 patrons per space will apply, and indoor venues will be required to keep customer contact details.
  • Swimming pools will also open with limits of 20 people and additional safety requirements in place. Community sporting activities will also be permitted with up to 20 people in undivided spaces, provided the sport is outdoors, noncompetition, non-contact, and people are able to play 1.5 metres apart.
  • Restrictions on professional sport will remain unchanged.
  • Beauty and personal care services like nail salons, spas, tattoo parlours will be able to open with up to 20 customers per space – with customer contact details required to be kept. 
  • Auctions and open for inspections will also be subject to the 20-person limit – plus those required to conduct the activity – with agents also required to keep the contact details of everyone who attends. 
  • Non-food and drink market stalls will also be able to open.


He also indicated that further lifting of restrictions subject to low community transmission rate.

  • low community transmission rates would allow reopening gyms for up to 20 people by June 22.
  • It will also pave the way to expand the number of people allowed in venues like restaurants, cafes, galleries and museums to 50 people.
  • Cinemas and theatres will also be allowed to reopen by June 22 as will Victortian ski resorts.