Sri Lankan Navy introduces full-body disinfection chamber to curb the spread of new coronavirus

The Sri Lanka Navy has developed a disinfection chamber to prevent and control the spread of new coronavirus.

In the backdrop where the World Health Organization has announced an epidemic of new coronavirus, the Sri Lanka Navy is conducting various programmes for the control of the virus in public places as well as in the private sector establishments going by the directives of Commander of the Navy, Vice Admiral Piyal De Silva. The Navy’s initiatives have been focused to strengthen the joint mechanism implemented by the government, to fight this virus. Going further step ahead, the Eastern Naval Command and the Western Naval Command have been able to make disinfection chambers so that people can be sterilized for the deadly virus.

Depending on the prevailing situation in the country, Naval personnel are engaged in essential services outside the naval bases. Further, it is essential that they will be sterilized on their return to work as maintaining a hygienic environment in the camp is mandatory to maintain the healthy human resource of the Navy in this testing time.