Global coronavirus cases top 10 million

Global coronavirus cases top 10 million

Global coronavirus cases have officially reached more than 10 million people, with half of them in the United States and Europe.

According to an AFP tally released Sunday, at least 10,003,942 infections have been registered globally.

The deadly disease has killed nearly 500,000 people worldwide in seven months.

Europe remains the hardest hit continent with 2,637,546 cases including 195,975 fatalities, and the United States with 2,510,323 infections including 125,539 deaths, according to AFP.

Australia has recorded 7694 cases of coronavirus, with 3177 in New South Wales, 2036 in Victoria, 1067 in Queensland, 609 in Western Australia, 440 in South Australia, 228 in Tasmania, 108 in the ACT and 29 in the Northern Territory.

The death toll stands at 104.

Victoria has seen the biggest spike recently, with 49 new cases recorded overnight, its worst result since early April.

Meanwhile, the total of coronavirus positive cases in Sri Lanka is at 2,033. Currently, 361 patients are under medical care at selected hospitals.

Sri Lanka has witnessed 11 deaths from the virus thus far.

The curfew which was imposed in the country has been completely lifted with effect from today, Presidential Media Division said.

Some countries are experiencing a resurgence in infections, leading authorities to partially reinstate lockdowns, in what experts say could be a recurring pattern in the coming months and into 2021.