Australia’s COVID-19 cases passed 1000 with Seven Deaths.

Australia’s COVID-19 cases passed 1000 with Seven Deaths.

Australia now has 1068 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 436 in New South Wales, 229 in Victoria, 184 in Queensland, 67 in South Australia, 90 in Western Australia, 11 in Tasmania, nine in the Australian Capital Territory and five in the Northern Territory.

Seven people have died – one in Western Australia and six in New South Wales – and 43 have recovered.

Many of Sydney’s most famous beaches including Bondi Beach will be closed on Sunday. The NSW government announced any beach with more than 500 should be closed.

There will be fallout from a decision by NSW to allow the Ruby Princess cruise ship to dock and disembark in Sydney on Thursday. New reports have revealed that 158 sick passengers left a cruise ship in Sydney earlier this month and wandered off back home with no instruction to self-isolate, it has emerged. Only nine of those were tested for coronaviurs

The ship, the Ruby Princess, later cruised to New Zealand and back with four of the new passengers now testing positive for COVID-19.