VEGA - Sri Lanka's first all electric super car to be unveiled at the 90th Geneva International Motor Show 2020.

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VEGA - Sri Lanka's first all electric super car  to be unveiled at the 90th Geneva International Motor Show 2020.

Vega Innovations, a subsidiary of CodeGen International (Pvt) Ltd., creates history once again as the Vega EVX, Sri Lanka’s and South Asia’s first fully Electric Supercar is shipped out to Switzerland, to be unveiled at the 90th Geneva International Motor Show, 5-15 March 2020. 

Vega EVX will be the first-ever vehicle in history, entirely designed and engineered in Sri Lanka to be showcased at a premier international motor show. This all electric Supercar is powered by a dual-motor all-wheel-drive drivetrain delivering 804HP and 720NM of torque. With a 40kWh battery-pack, recent test drives confirm a staggering 0 to 100 kmph acceleration in 3.1 seconds, an estimated range of 250 kilometres and a top speed of 240 kmph denotes the overall performance of the Vega EVX Supercar. This two-seater Supercar showcases advanced multidisciplinary technology applications and a skilfully fabricated lightweight carbon fiber body.

Harsha Subasinghe Chief Executive Officer CodeGen International Group of Companies stated, “We have reached the zenith of extraordinary design, delivery and innovation by launching our very own world-class Supercar at the prestigious Geneva International Motor Show. Sri Lanka will not only be admired for its vast expansive biodiversity, but most importantly be known for our people who continuously push boundaries to drive change with an innate passion to do great things here in Sri Lanka. I am extremely proud to have such an exceptional talent pool, driven and committed to reach this amazing milestone not only for CodeGen but also for Sri Lanka. By pioneering design-people-nation centric innovations, CodeGen has been drawing attention from worldwide media, and we will continue to deliver high-performance teams and products as we transform tomorrow’s world.”

Beshan Kulapala, Vega’s director stated “We started to develop the liquid-cooled LiFePO4 battery pack in 2014. At the time, we believed that we could get the performance we needed from a 400V system, even though our motor is rated at much higher. After three years into it, we saw how the market was moving to higher voltages and higher performance. So we began to make some modifications to stay as close to the market trend as possible. We wanted to get to under 3 s for the 0 to 100 km/h time. Our new cylindrical battery pack that we will soon test will get us to even higher voltages. 

At the moment, we are spending a lot of effort on technologies for this battery pack, with tab liquid cooling, advance fusing, and high energy density packing technologies. We hope that our real USP – Unique Selling Proposition – will stand out with the cylindrical cell packs that we are developing.”

The vehicle was shipped from the Colombo harbour on Sunday the 19th of January 2020 and will reach its destination in late February.